Published On: Sun, Mar 17th, 2024

80 year old who’s ‘often taken for being 20 years younger’ swears by half price product

Skincare fans can save money on a bestselling moisturiser from a high-end brand.

The product is aimed at anti-ageing, and features powerful ingredients like squalane to minimise the appearance of fine lines and add radiance.

The rich cream not only deeply hydrates on application, but also builds a barrier to lock in moisture and restore smoothness, clarity and tone.

Amazon shoppers are saying the skincare product ‘soaks into the skin like magic’.

Anne Ward said: ”I am 80 years old and I have used the cream as long as I can remember, and am often taken for someone 20 years younger, so go for it, with confidence. I would think it would be suitable for any type of skin.”

Shauny commented: ”I decided to try this cream after reading lots of product reviews online. I have used Elemis for years and it’s good to try new products. I am really impressed with the texture of this cream, its silky soft and soaks Into the skin like magic!! There’s no residue left just a blank canvas ready for make-up or not. It is very hydrating so I use it morning and night. I still apply my Important serums first. Peptides and ceramides are the key ingredients to keep wrinkles away. I apply this afterwards and then I am ready for the day. I definitely recommend this cream. It really is a great investment for your face.”

Annie said: ”Really love this cream it’s maybe only a little jar but it last a long time.”

Diva also added: ”As I was told when I first bought this cream from a Boots employee “You can buy new clothes but not new skin”. I am now 77 years old, have no lines at all on my neck and very little on my face, I for one wouldn’t use anything different.”

While the reduced deal does save money, there are cheaper products with similar ingredients, like the e.l.f. Skin Superhydrate Moisturizer.

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