Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2024

BBC iPlayer issues 24-hour deadline – act now or lose popular shows

Anyone who enjoys catching up with the latest BBC shows on iPlayer might want to take note of the latest warning. This popular service is making a major change that will stop users from downloading any more content onto their PCs and laptops. The update comes into effect from tomorrow, March 11, with the BBC confirming that all Apple MacBooks and Windows 10/11 machines will then be blocked from adding shows to their libraries to be viewed offline.

“We have made the difficult decision to close the BBC iPlayer Downloads application for PC and Mac, due to the low number of people using it and the cost required to keep it going,” the BBC explained in a post on its website.

It’s a dramatic change that is sure to annoy anyone who regularly uses iPlayer on their computers. Luckily there is a way to continue watching things past the March 11 deadline.

As long as you download content before tomorrow you can keep on viewing until next month. It basically means you can fill your devices full of BBC shows such as The Traitors, The Apprentice and Great British Menu and view them away from Wi-Fi.

“From Monday 11 March, users will no longer be able to download programmes from the web. Users will still be able to watch any existing downloads until Monday 8 April 2024. From Monday 8 April, the BBC iPlayer Downloads app will be closed,” the BBC explained.

The BBC says it can no longer keep the PC iPlayer platform running due to the expense and amount of people using it. This won’t affect the iPlayer app on phones and tablets with that service continuing to offer all the usual features.

It’s also worth noting that you will still be able to stream on your Mac and Windows laptop you just won’t be able to download anything.

Explaining more, the BBC added: “This does not affect downloads on the BBC iPlayer mobile or tablet apps, and viewers can continue to stream programmes on BBC iPlayer on their PCs and Macs.”

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