Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2024

Brit expats reveal hidden downfalls of moving to Spain – including weather being ‘too hot’ | Travel News | Travel

A British couple who upped sticks to live a life of sun and sea in Spain have revealed two surprising points for anyone hoping to do the same. The YouTube duo are among a whole host of expats who are experiencing life away from the grey skies of the UK. 

In a video, one of their complaints centred around the extreme heat that can be felt in the summer. For the last two years, Spain has seen highs of up to 40C during peak season, making it unbearable for holiday-makers who are otherwise not used to such temperatures.

“It gets really hot in the summer. Ridiculously hot,” the couple said on their YouTube channel AmeliaAndJP. They added: “You are going to need air conditioning and hope it doesn’t break. I would not want to be there in the summer.

“The internet is really slow. We’ve been really shocked [in Spain] at how slow the internet is,” they revealed. This may serve as a blow to anyone looking to work remotely from Spain. 

One viewer added: “We love living in Madrid. Only drawback is the taxes but that’s the price we have to pay to live in this wonderful country so it’s worth it to us.”

According to stats from epdata, around 307,000 Brits were living in Spain in 2022. Most of these are older people who have chosen to spend their retirement years in a place that is cheaper – and definitely sunnier – than the UK.

Tourists have however, been left divided over which part of Spain is worth visiting.

One holidaymaker said: “I liked Spain. The rail from Madrid to Barcelona to Valencia was great. But almost every one I spoke to in the south kept correcting my Spanish with Catalan. I think the weather in the north is better.”

“I think Spain’s overrated.. they’re also running out of water and the summers are just way too hot in the south and if you go to the north it’s super crowded and expensive with tourists”, another added.

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