Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2024

British tourists urged to stop ‘disrespectful’ common behaviour on flights | Travel News | Travel

Flying is never an enjoyable experience but other passengers can often make an unpleasant plane journey even worse.

Ever sat next to a seat hogger or been disrupted by someone playing videos out loud on your flight?

Alex Dyer, an etiquette expert and qualified psychologist at Ski Vertigo, shared some of the worst behaviours Britons can do on a flight.

They said: “It’s clear that each small action—whether it’s using headphones at a reasonable volume, disposing of waste properly, or even offering a smile to a neighbour—contributes to a positive atmosphere.

“These gestures might seem insignificant in isolation, but together, they make travelling better for everyone by being thoughtful and considerate.”

Putting your feet up on seat or walls

Alex said: “This is not only disrespectful but also unhygienic. It can dirty the surfaces other passengers use and contribute to an unpleasant travel environment.”

Planes often aren’t deep-cleaned between journeys so going without shoes isn’t the most hygienic choice.

Neglecting personal hygiene

Alex said: “Given the close quarters on a plane, maintaining personal hygiene (such as using deodorant, avoiding strong perfumes, and ensuring cleanliness) is vital for a comfortable flight experience for you and those seated near you.”

Leaving your belongings everywhere

Alex said: “Space on planes is scarce. Spreading your belongings beyond your assigned seat area, such as in others’ legroom or overhead bins far from your seat, can inconvenience others and slow down the boarding and disembarking processes.”

If there’s no room in the overhead bins above them, passengers may need to put them in a different locket, but this should be a last resort.

Passengers should also avoid putting coats or other small bags in the lockers if there isn’t room for other people’s bags.

Crowding the aisle upon boarding or disembarking

Alex said: “Rushing to board or leave the plane creates congestion and stress. By waiting your turn, you ensure a smoother process for everyone, particularly since aisle space is limited and can quickly become overcrowded.”

Flight attendants will usually disembark the plane row by row and passengers will board the plane in groups.

It’s best to board and disembark in the correct order to avoid creating chaos and queues for everyone else.

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