Published On: Thu, Feb 1st, 2024

Business class passenger removed economy bag from overhead bin | Travel News | Travel

A business class passenger sparked online after he removed someone else’s bag from the overhead bin.

He took to Reddit‘s “Am I the A–hole” forum to defend his decision.

Use insurancemanoz shared the controversial incident on a recent flight, explaining that he was in business class with a paid ticket that he paid full price for.

As he tried to place his bag in the overhead locker someone from the second row of the economy cabin requested him to be careful with their bag.

He said: “Allow me to set the scene, I’m one of the last on the plane, sat in business class (full fare, paid ticket, not an upgrade). There is a walled partition between Business and Economy.

“I open the overhead bin and there is a little bit of room if I shift things around to fit my bags (I’m carrying well within my weight/size limits) when someone pipes up for me to please be careful with their bag.”

Without hesitation, the business class passenger removed the economy passenger’s bag from the bin, placing it at his feet to make room for his own bags.

He added that the overhead bin was labeled “Business Class use only”, and that flight attendants apologized to him for the inconvenience, admitting they should have been more vigilant.

He “added: “The passenger (understandably) and one of the ground personnel tried to have a shot at me for taking his bag out — said I shouldn’t have touched his bag.

“My argument was I paid for the space according to my ticket. My bags were where they were meant to be… his weren’t.”

The Reddit community was divided on whether the business class passenger was in the wrong.

Some supported his right to the space he paid for, arguing that rules must be obeyed, and if he paid for business class, his bags should fit. One user said: “Air travel has gotten worse and rules need to be obeyed. If I pay for business, my bags better fit.”

Others, however, criticised the way the passenger handled the situation.

“He could have just informed the FA and let her fix the issue, but instead he chose to be a massive a–hole and put the bag in front of the passenger’s feet,” one user said. “I fly first class on a monthly basis and would have never handled the situation in that manner.”

Another chimed in: “Something about the whole tone of this post suggests you kind of are one [an a–hole] in general… like omg did one of The Poors get too close to you there mate?”

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