Published On: Thu, Feb 29th, 2024

Charlotte Tilbury adds new 3-in-1 cleanser to the ‘Magic’ skincare range

In everyday life, the skin faces dirt, bacteria and pollutants, which can trigger breakouts and other skin concerns.

To keep the skin as healthy and clear as possible, many choose to start their morning and evening skincare routines with a cleanser to deeply cleanse any impurities.

Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup and skincare is hugely popular with beauty fans, and the brand has just launched its newest product.

Available to shoppers to buy from today, the Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser costs £25 and is likely to follow the popularity of the top-rated Magic cream.

Buy: Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser (£25)

For under £30, the cleanser is one of Charlotte Tilbury’s more affordable products, and the 120ml size should last a while too.

While some cleansers can strip the skin, this one is formulated to hydrate the skin as it cleanses, containing hyaluronic acid – a deeply nourishing ingredient often found in hydrating moisturisers, which can help to plump the skin.

On top of hydrating, the supercharged product also cleanses away blockages, reducing the look of pores with consistent use.

Those looking to use the cleanser in the morning will be glad to know that it’s been specifically formulated to prime the skin, giving a smooth foundation for make-up.

The cleanser offers a three-step treat to the skin, changing from a cream consistency to a foam, and finally to a milk, offering the benefits of separate products all in one.

It could be used alongside your usual skincare routine, or paired with other products from the ‘Magic’ range.

Although the cleanser is on the more affordable end of Charlotte Tilbury’s skincare, there are still far more affordable options out there.

The CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser costs just £11.25, offers almost double the quantity of product, and still includes hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

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