Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2024

Christian Horner may face Red Bull appeal as accuser ‘decides today’ | F1 | Sport

He echoed comments made by Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, who felt that the governing body needed to “set the compass right” despite Red Bull already clearing Horner, though his accuser has until today to appeal.

“Let’s see where it goes in the next days,” Wolff said. “I would very much hope that the governing body, the sanctioning body and the commercial rights holder set the compass right.

“I think the handling of the situation is very critical for F1. It’s not in the hands of competitors to have any action, and we should look at ourselves in terms of what is it we can do in order to optimise on all of these topics: equality and diversity. That’s what we’re doing.

“I’m very proud that we are at the forefront of that. To judge about another person or another team, it’s the governing body that needs to do that. They have it in their hand. And this is probably where we need to look at.”

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