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Crete: The beautiful Greek island just 4 hours from the UK that’s 20C in April | Travel News | Travel

Crete is Greece‘s largest island and one of the most popular among tourists. In 2022 alone, the island counted some 4.7 million inbound air arrivals.

Most holidaymakers visit this stunning destination during the summer months – but the island is perfect also for a cheeky early spring break.

Indeed, those looking for a sunny respite from the British cold and wet weather should consider exploring Crete in April, when the average high temperature during the day is 20C.

The average sea temperature is around 17C which, while it is colder than most may like, still allows for a swim in the Mediterranean.

During that month, days in Crete get longer, with approximately 13 hours of daylight and eight hours of sunshine each day.

Moreover, rainfall starts to get rarer and rarer, providing the opportunity to explore the island’s natural beauties and historical sites.

Still, it can rain during early spring, so tourists are advised to pack a light rain jacket and umbrella. While its weather is very different from that in the UK, Crete is only a direct flight away from Britain’s shores. 

And with many different resorts to pick from, there will be plenty of places for people to explore. Malia, the party capital, has a strip and all the bars and restaurants expected of a lively area.

But some of its neighbouring villages offer a slower pace, with Stalis being a particular hotspot for families thanks to its long beaches and vibrant array of shops. 

Given how popular it is among international tourists, the island boasts two airports, found in the cities of Heraklion and Chania.

Both these airports see several direct flights, particularly during peak season, coming from London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester and Birmingham airports.

A direct flight from England to Crete normally lasts around four hours. 

Besides its warm weather, Crete is a perfect holiday destination as it offers something to every type of tourist – from a food experience to a relaxing beach break.

Both Heraklion and Chania are perfect starting points for any holiday thanks to their rich past, which can now be experienced through museums and archaeological sites, and the stunning natural beauties they have been gifted with.

Beautiful beaches are scattered throughout the endless coastline of Crete, as are traditional villages where tourists can try and grasp old customs and the local way of life.

The more adventurous, should visit the nearby Gavdos islet, home to some heavenly beaches and stunning trails. 

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