Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2024

England’s best free attractions – full list of cheap days out | Travel News | Travel

Looking for a cheap day out? England’s favourite free tourist attractions include some fantastic museums and a seaside hotspot.

Visit England recorded the country’s most visited free attractions in 2022 and while many in London, there are a few sites outside the Big Smoke.

All of the attractions in this list are free to visit, although tourists may need to pay extra for exhibitions or special activities.

Of course, England’s parks and beaches are generally free to visit so there are lots of cheap days out that haven’t made this list.

What’s your favourite free day out in England? Let us know in the comments.

Victoria and Albert Museum facade in London, UK

6. Victoria and Albert Museum

Another of London’s best free museums, the Victoria and Albert was visited by more than 2.3 million people in 2022. A short walk from the Natural History museum, the museum focuses on art, design and fashion. Wander the sculpture galleries or check out the museum’s collection of theatre costumes. It’s free to visit although some exhibitions cost money. 

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