Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2024

Europe hot weather alert: Continent smashes 250-year record for warm winter temperatures | Weather | News

Temperatures across Europe have soared in 2024, with some countries seeing 250-year highs, according to a weather expert.

In January, the UK set a new maximum temperature at 19.9C in northwest Scotland. And it appears other countries in Europe have also seen record breaking highs this winter.

According to Scott Dunan, a meteorologist, Europe saw numerous countries reaching record highs in February. In Austria, where they have 250 years of temperatures on record, they saw an increase of 5.8C compared to previous years.

The previous record in Austria was set in 1996. According to local media reports, areas like Vienna and Bregenz saw no frost for the first time in years.

Most days saw mild temperatures, with maximums above 10C. February 5 saw a record high set at 21.3C.

Poland also saw record highs, with temperatures 7.5C above normal. This set the warmest February on record for the country.

Mr Duncan also said Hungary saw record highs, reaching 7C higher than the 1992 to 2020 period.

Czechia also saw its warmest February ever, beating its previous record by 2C. Germany, which has data going back to 1881, also saw record breaking temperatures.

While the UK remained cooler than other parts of Europe, records were still broken as the Met Office announced it was the warmest February ever recorded.

A spokesperson said: “England and Wales had their respective warmest Februarys on record according to provisional Met Office statistics.” And while temperatures were warmer than usual, other records were also broken.

With 2023 marked as the hottest year on record, some have questioned why temperatures are on the rise.

Dr Samantha Burgess, deputy director of the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, said: “It’s hugely pronounced on the graph, and it makes me really nervous for what’s to come.

“This is one of the challenges that we face as a climate scientist. What makes me nervous is the dynamics that we can see in the system.”

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