Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2024

Europe’s easiest country to move to as a British expat named | Travel News | Travel

Dreamed of moving abroad but not sure where to go? A new study from the expat experts at William Russell has revealed which EU country is the easiest to move to.

Since the UK left the EU, British citizens need a visa if they want to stay in an EU country for more than 90 days at a time.

Britons that want to work in an EU country can apply for an EU Blue Card if they have ‘higher professional qualifications’ (such as a university degree or several years job experience), a work contract for at least a year, are a paid employee and meet minimum salary requirements.

Salary requirements vary depending on the country and usually require Britons to earn at least one and a half times the average salary.

Countries will also have their own rules for non-EU citizens and many require Britons to meet language requirements. But where’s the easiest country for Britons to move?

Hungary is the easiest country to move to as a British expat, according to the expert team at William Russell.

The minimum annual salary required to move to Hungary is 7,264,800 HUF (£15,774) or £12,619 for professions where there are many unfilled vacancies. In 2019, these included pharmacists, nurses and midwives.

Hungary also doesn’t require expats to pass a language test and Britons will find the Eastern European country is much cheaper than the UK for most essentials.

However, the cost of rent in Budapest far outstrips the average wage so Britons will need a relatively high salary to afford an apartment.

Malta was the second easiest country to move to as an expat. The island country doesn’t require new residents to take a language test and Britons will need to earn 33,264 euros (£28,419) to qualify.

If you’re eager to move quickly, Austria might be a good choice as the country only takes around eight weeks to process Blue Card applications.

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