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Europe’s food capital has delicious cuisine and more than 44,000 restaurants | Travel News | Travel

The holiday company Celebrity Cruises has shared the for tourists who want to experience some of the world’s .

Going on holiday is one of the best times to experience new types of food, with many experts take the opportunity to taste authentic versions of world-renowned dishes.

According to Celebrity Cruises, the best food capital in the world is featuring more than 44,000 restaurants to suit all palates.

The city is best known for its boulangeries, a certain type of bakery known for producing , including baguettes and brioches.

In particular, the company recommended a trip to La Belle Epoque in the centre of Paris, a traditional French restaurant set in the age before the First World War. People who have visited the restaurant in “the heart of Paris” claim the food is “delicious” and the atmosphere is “cosy” and “friendly”, according to Google Reviews.

However, tourists do not have to go abroad to experience some excellent food, with Celebrity Cruises also suggesting a trip to London.

While people often joke that the UK does not quite have a cuisine of its own, the company highlighted that there is a fantastic mix of restaurants specialising in the food of other nations in the capital.

Visitors can find many high-quality restaurants serving world-renowned food, including Little Italy in Clerkenwell, Caribbean cafes in Brixton and Shoreditch for Vietnamese food.

Travellers thinking about focusing on one country’s cuisine were advised to visit Barcelona, with the capital of Spain offering their own unique take on some of Spain’s most popular dishes.

According to Celebrity Cruises, one of the best destinations in the city to visit for a good meal is the Gothic Quarter, where the restaurants often focus on tapas.

Tourists looking to make some authentic meals themselves when they are away can also visit the marketplace in La Boqueria, with stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, locally caught seafood and cured meats.

Finally, Celebrity Cruises suggested that tourists looking for great food in an unusual location should visit Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

The company noted that Scandinavian cuisine is growing in reputation, with Noma, which specialises in food that has been foraged, being voted as The World’s Best Restaurant in 2021.

However, visitors to the city do not need a massive budget to get a full stomach, with Copenhagen offering a wide range of street food vendors and more casual restaurants and cafes.

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