Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2024

Expert shares five ways you’re ruining your hair while you sleep

An expert has warned that our hair could be getting damaged while we sleep without us even knowing about it.

Eva Proudman, a hair guru for Absolute Collagen, shed light on some habits that may be hurting our hair while we have our beauty sleep.

Along with using the best suited products for one’s hair, Eva mentioned that certain factors such as bad pillowcases and going to bed with wet hair can cause damage.

She made clear that moving around at night can “lead to friction” which breaks the hair. As a solution, she suggested tying your hair before sleeping is a good idea but cautioned it can lead to hair being pulled if not done correctly.

To do this, she had a tip – tie hair with a silk or satin scarf. By doing so, it helps to “reduce friction, lock in the hair’s natural moisture, and even reduce the likelihood of split ends”, reports The Mirror Online.

If you want to use a hair bobble, go for loose braids tied up with a satin or silk scrunchie.

Eva talked about how the type of pillowcase you use can affect the health of your hair. She told The Sun that sleeping on a silk or satin pillow could be beneficial, reducing any tangles, frizz and breakage.

The beauty expert also said that silk fibres won’t “absorb any of your natural oils” so your scalp stays hydrated.

Eva added: “Your hair is at its most delicate when it’s wet, so the friction and heat from moving around in your sleep can increase matting and even breakage.”

If possible, she suggests letting your hair dry naturally, but make sure you wash it plenty of time before you go to bed so it’s completely dry.

But for those who don’t have enough time and need to blow-dry their hair, always apply a spray that protects against heat, she recommended.

If you’re someone with curly or tangle-prone hair, Eva suggested using a leave-in conditioner to safeguard your hair and manage it easier. For those with fine hair, stick with products filled with argan oil or grapeseed oil.

As she explained, these ingredients can work to “lock in” moisture and “revitalise” curls overnight.

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