Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2024

Flight attendant shares three dirtiest areas of planes that are ‘full of germs’ | Travel News | Travel

flight attendant has come clean about the three dirtiest areas of an aeroplane and how to avoid them.

From tray tables to headrests, a flight attendant has shared exactly where you should avoid touching on your next flight.

They shared clever tips for passengers to avoid spending their flight exposed to an “environment that is full of germs”, according to The Sun.

Speaking to Ski Vertigo, the steward said: “Awareness and preparation are your best allies against germs on a plane.”

They also told passengers to consider the timing of their bathroom visits, as going early in the flight or right after cleaning can make a “serious difference”.

The flight attendant said there were also germs inside the seat-back pocket. They said: “If you must use the seat-back pocket, consider lining it with a disposable bag for your items. This not only keeps your belongings clean but also simplifies cleanup and minimises your contact with potential contaminants.”

They added: “These pockets are meant for storing items such as books, electronics, and travel essentials but often end up holding trash, used tissues, and food wrappers, which can contribute to the growth of bacteria. The cleaning of these pockets is not always thorough, leading to the accumulation of germs over time.”

The cabin crew member added: “Remember, the goal isn’t to live in fear of germs but to smartly mitigate risks so you can enjoy your travels to the fullest.”

Since Covid, many travellers have been more aware of hygiene. The flight attendant recommended travellers pack their own hygiene kits for long-haul flights which includes face masks, hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, and even a change of clothes. Changing clothes after a flight can stop plane germs from spreading to your final destination.

The flight attendant said tray tables are one of the dirtiest items that passengers often overlook.

They said: “These surfaces see a variety of uses during flights, from food consumption to being a resting spot for personal items and electronic devices.

“Given their multifunctional use and the fact that cleaning crews often have limited time between flights, tray tables may not receive a thorough cleaning, leading to a significant buildup of bacteria and viruses. This makes them a prime location for the transmission of illnesses.”

Another big germ hotspot is headrests, according to the former flight attendant.

“Direct contact with passengers’ heads and hair means headrests can gather oils, sweat, and possibly infectious particles,” they said.

“Without regular and thorough cleaning, headrests can contribute to the spread of germs.”

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