Published On: Sat, Mar 16th, 2024

Jake Paul calls out brother Logan for ‘blatantly lying’ about Mike Tyson fight | Boxing | Sport

Jake and Logan Paul, two of the most famous brothers in today’s pop culture, have a complex relationship. The social media stars boast over 100 million followers combined, with Logan slightly ahead of Jake (52.1 million to 48.1 million).

Their popularity means that their lives, including their sibling relationship, are often in the public eye. Recently, Jake labelled Logan as “weird” after accusing him of lying about turning down a fight with Mike Tyson.

Jake – who is preparing to fight 57-year-old Tyson amid huge criticism and controoversy – expressed his discomfort about their relationship being aired publicly but felt it was necessary to correct Logan’s claims. He found it strange for Logan to lie so openly.

This came after Logan stated on an episode of the “Impaulsive” podcast that he had declined a chance to fight Tyson. Logan said, “I said no to fighting Mike Tyson,” adding that the offer wasn’t from Netflix and didn’t involve a large sum of money.

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He also shared his belief that he could beat Tyson in a real fight, stating, “It was just like, this could be a real fight. I’ve been asked, ‘Do you think you could beat Mike Tyson? ‘ My answer was and will be yes. I just think he’s too old. That’s crazy. He’s senile.”

Jake claims that he and Nakisa Bidarian came up with a Netflix deal to pick who he would box, from “A, B, and C-level” fighters.

They suggested fighting Tyson: “We were the ones that brought the Netflix deal to Tyson and he was an ‘A’ level fighter. So Tyson was never in the market offering people to fights for anyone to turn down. Yes, it is weird to go online and lie.”

He also questioned why his brother had to makeup stories. The Paul brothers have argued before.

Once, Logan dated Jake’s ex, Alyssa Violet. The famous brothers have also often made diss tracks against each other, seeing who could handle more insults.

However, it seemed like the two brothers had buried their feud ahead of these latest comments. In 2023, Logan voiced his intention to put any differences with Jake behind them.

“Let’s put a pin in this,” Logan advised Andrew Schultz during an episode of the “FLAGRANT” podcast. “I love Jake, I f**king love him, we decided after we both went public with our little disagreements it’s so stupid. What are we doing? We love each other! That’s my brother, I’ve got to support him.”

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