Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2024

Labour’s Joe Dancey darts from voter’s doorstep during immigration debate | Politics | News

A Labour candidate with close links to senior Shadow Cabinet members has been mocked after he was filmed “scarpering” away from a voter who mentioned immigration. Joe Dancey, who is standing in the marginal seat of Stockton West, was seen walking up a voter’s driveway while a fellow activist was in conversation.

The Labour activist was heard saying: “The average immigrant contributes far more to the country…” The moment the word immigrant was mentioned, Mr Dancey – who had been looking at his phone – gave a quick wave and darted to the next house.

The clip rose to prominence after being shared by GB News host Darren Grimes, who accused Mr Dancey of “scarpering faster than a whippet out of the traps at the first whiff of a question about immigration”.

He added: “Labour’s politicians are too high and mighty to even entertain a chat on the topic. Sneering contempt for us”.

Should he be elected this year, Mr Dancey will almost certainly be seen as one to watch due to his close links with the top of the Labour Party.

He is in a relationship with Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting and has already been gifted significant numbers of Labour activists to help him take the key constituency.

Reacting to the viral clip, the constituency’s incumbent Tory MP Matt Vickers told the Express he has already been contacted by residents who were “stunned” after seeing the clip.

Mr Vickers blasted: “Immigration is a huge issue for residents in Stockton West and they couldn’t believe a candidate who wants to represent them would run away from such a discussion.

“It seems his entire professional life has been amongst London’s metropolitan elite and they have very different priorities, however like me people from Stockton see this as a huge issue.

“Labour MPs have voted against every single measure brought forward to toughen up our immigration system and it appears Mr Dancey would be minded to do the same.

“The last thing Stockton needs is Labour’s London lobbyist as their MP.”

Mr Dancey is a self-employed communications and public affairs adviser, and his selection sparked allegations of a stitch-up within Labour.

Local activists accused Mr Dancey of benefiting from “blatant nepotism” due to his relationship with Mr Streeting, and his many years living in London.

He previously worked for Lord Mandelson, who is still one of Sir Keir Starmer’s most trusted advisrrs.

Mr Dancey did grow up in the area and attended a local school between 1988 and 1995.

Labour was approached for comment.

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