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Major UK city’s ‘worst roundabout’ where drivers kept crashing to be removed | UK | News

A notorious roundabout in Bulwell, known as Nottingham’s worst, is set to be replaced with traffic lights to help buses and improve travel times. The Moor Bridge roundabout, located between Hucknall Lane and Moor Bridge Road, has been a hotspot for accidents, causing worry among local residents.

The major revamp, confirmed by Nottingham City Council, will kick off in Autumn 2024. This transformation is part of the Greater Nottingham Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP), funded by the Government.

The city council bagged Government funding to boost the area’s bus services between 2023 and 2025. The Moor Bridge project has been granted £2.5m from the Government for this scheme.

Plans for the project involve scrapping the mini roundabout and installing traffic lights with pedestrian crossings at the push of a button. The aim is to make bus journeys more reliable and quicker by giving them priority at the junction.

Two new bus lanes will be added on both sides of the junction. A toucan crossing will also be introduced to enhance facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and tackle road safety issues.

People living near the Moor Bridge roundabout have often expressed their worries about the “dangerous” spot due to many accidents. In 2020, local resident Cath Newstead said that using the roundabout felt like “taking your life in your own hands”.

Fast forward to 2022, she noted: “The crashes are getting more frequent – it’s getting worse. There are some idiots who do 60mph on the approach to the roundabout.

“It’s constant. We tried getting traffic lights in 1991 and they said there was no room for them. It’s horrendous.”

Also in 2022, Lynn Barton, a resident of Hucknall Lane, told Nottinghamshire Live that the roundabout “needs sorting out”. She had previously mentioned: “We are always hearing bangs and crashes.

“It’s the most dangerous roundabout in Nottingham. Just before I moved here somebody came across the bridge and crashed into one man’s garage. There’s clearly a problem here and it needs sorting out.”

There have been serious incidents at the roundabout in the past, including a police officer being seriously injured in a crash in 2007. A decade later, a drink driver flipped a car onto a house’s garage on Hucknall Lane.

Most recently, drivers faced heavy traffic following a crash at Moor Bridge roundabout on February 13 this year. The road traffic collision caused buses to divert and heavy traffic in the area.

Ian Taylor from the Alliance of British Drivers talked about changing a roundabout to traffic lights. He said: “We have a preference for roundabouts over traffic lights generally speaking, there are exceptions and of course there’s an awful lot of roundabouts that they put traffics on as well now.

“It may be in this case that it’s a good idea because it sounds like it might not have been the most suitable place for a roundabout to be.

“If it makes life easier for traffic to negotiate and doesn’t hold the traffic up we are okay with it. If it does hold traffic up and makes negotiations of the junction more difficult then we would question it.”

Nottingham City Council is going to start work on Edwards Lane this summer. This is part of making buses better and faster. They will fix the roads at the Edwards Lane/Oxclose Lane/Arnold Road junction so buses can get through easier.

The Government is giving £1m to make the bus trips better and on time.

They will make the traffic better at the Edwards Lane/Oxclose Lane junction by adding extra lanes for turning, giving buses special treatment, and using new traffic lights to manage the cars better.

An official from Nottingham City Council discussed future plans despite current budget restrictions, saying: “Nottingham City Council has received government funding to deliver projects between 2023 and 2025. While the Section 114 Report means that money Nottingham City Council can spend is currently strictly controlled, because external grant funding has previously been specifically allocated and approved for these schemes, it can continue to go ahead.”

They further elaborated on the Greater Nottingham Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP), stating: “The Greater Nottingham Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) will deliver projects and programmes that improve the area’s bus services including reducing fares for young people, delivering buses that are more frequent and reliable, and improving passenger waiting facilities.”

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