Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2024

NS&I ‘prize winner’ baffled as she doesn’t even hold any Premium Bonds | Personal Finance | Finance

A woman was surprised to get a message to say she had won a Premium Bonds prize as she doesn’t hold any savings with NS&I.

The woman contacted NS&I over X after she got a second email to tell her she had a prize to collect despite not having any Bonds in her name.

She said: “Another email saying I have won, when I don’t hold Premium Bonds with you. Email is legit as I checked with you.

“Lost account form completed as per the person on the phone instructed me to do with no luck (I knew this would be the case). Please can someone help.”

NS&I asked her when exactly she completed the lost account form for her non-existent savings, so the tracing team could try and locate any account details linked to her name.

The woman replied: “It was a couple of years ago atleast and I got a letter back saying no accounts were found which I knew would be the case as I do not have any products with you. No one seems to know why I am getting these emails.”

The provider then asked if she had any children with Premium Bonds, for whom she may be listed as the nominated person, or if she manages NS&I savings for another adult, which would be linked to her email.

The bemused Briton responded: “No children and I am not the nominated person or anyone.

“I can only assume my email address has incorrectly been put against someone’s account or email address was mistyped to mine upon entering. No other reason.”

The Premium Bonds prize draw takes place at the start of the month with savers sent messages to advise them if they have won a prize.

Each £1 Bond has an equal chance of winning with two jackpot prizes for £1million in each draw.

If you are a Premium Bonds customer, you can check if you have any unclaimed prizes using the prize checker tool on the NS&I website or via the app.

There are more than £80million in unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes that savers have yet to collect.

A person may not get a notification for a prize if they change their contact details but forget to update NS&I, so it’s worth checking if all your details are up to date.

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