Published On: Wed, Mar 13th, 2024

NS&I responds as Premium Bonds customer slams ‘appalling’ phoneline after 7 failed calls | Personal Finance | Finance

A Premium Bonds customer has vented their frustration at the NS&I phone service after they were unable to arrange for a prize to be paid out.

The unhappy saver contacted NS&I over X to intially ask how long it take for a prize to be paid out.

NS&I replied to ask hem what prize options they had set up. The person then told them of their ordeal trying to sort it out over the phone.

They said: “Appalling time wasting phone calls (seven now) in trying to set this up with a POA [Power of Attorney].”

They explained that when they got through on one occassion, they were told there was no email address linked to the account. This was after they had spent 20 minutes on a previous phone call setting this up.

The frustrated person said: “I don’t want to scour South London looking for the last remaining bank to deposit your cheque.”

NS&I told them they would have to persevere on the phoneline, saying: “Unfortunately, for this a call is needed.

“When you speak to the virtual assistant you need to tell it that you want to speak to an agent. Our email service is for general enquiries only, the email team do not have access to customer accounts.”

The customer responded again after another failed attempt on the phone service. They said: “It’s been another pointless phone call.

” ‘It won’t let me add an email address’, said the very helpful but unable real life customer service agent.”

NS&I then asked the person to message them with more information so they could help them further with their query.

Another customer with NS&I to ask what the process is for buying more Bonds if you don’t have internet access.

The group said in response: “If you’re looking to invest in Premium Bonds without online banking, you can either invest by bank transfer directly through your bank – or with an application form and a cheque.

“I will link more information on investing by bank transfer and the application form below.”

The representative linked to this information page about bank transfers and standing orders and to this application form for buying Premium Bonds.

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