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PIP and ADP claimants do not need to report these six changes to the DWP | Personal Finance | Finance

People receiving Personal Independence Payment (PIP) don’t have to report any of these six changes to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). PIP is a benefit for people over 16 and under State Pension age who need extra help with daily tasks or getting around due to a long-term illness, disability or mental or physical health condition.

In Scotland, this benefit has been replaced by Adult Disability Payment (ADP) for new claimants, but it follows similar rules as PIP.

If you successfully claim for PIP or ADP, you could get between £26.90 and £172.75 each week in extra money. As the benefit is paid every four weeks, this means you could get between £107.60 and £691.00 each payment period.

Both payments are given at the same rates, even though they have different names and are given out by different groups, to stop a two-tier benefits system.

While many people who get the benefit might know about the list of changes in their lives that they must tell the DWP about to keep getting their payments without a break, there are several changes that they don’t need to tell them about.

It’s also worth noting that more than 254,000 people in Scotland who already get PIP will still need to tell the DWP about certain changes until they have been moved to the Social Security Scotland IT system – this should be done by the end of 2025, reports the Daily Record.

Changes you do not need to tell the DWP about.

PIP is a benefit that isn’t based on your income and you can get it whether you’re working or not, so you don’t have to tell the DWP if you:

Start a new job

Stop claiming other benefits

Change roles at work – unless the amount of help you need has changed

Leave a job

Are made redundant

Take retirement

Changes you must let DWP know about

But, advice on the GOV. UK website says you must ring the PIP enquiry line if:.

Your personal stuff changes – like your name, where you live or who your doctor is.

You need more or different help, or your condition gets different.

Your condition gets worse and you’re not expected to stay alive for over six months.

You go into hospital or a care home.

You go abroad (for more than four weeks).

You are put in prison or held somewhere else.

The GOV. UK website also warns: “You could be taken to court or have to pay a penalty if you give wrong information or do not report a change in your circumstances.”

So, if you’ve just moved house or got a new doctor, don’t wait any longer to let them know – especially if you get PIP and live in Scotland because Social Security Scotland will use the info the DWP has about you when you are moved over to the new devolved benefits system.

How to let DWP know if something changes.

Before you make the call, you’ll need your National Insurance number, bank account details and GP name and address so the DWP can check who you are.

Just remember the opening times might change over Christmas. Find out more info on the GOV.UK website.

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