Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2024

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘golden opportunity’ to use ‘Hollywood power’ laid bare | Royal | News

California-based Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a “golden opportunity” to prove their worth, a PR expert has claimed, amid the couple preparing to boost their popularity in the UK as they reportedly seek local public relations talent.

An industry expert has told The Sun that the Sussexes must seize a chance to use their “Hollywood power” to carve out a path towards reconciliation with the Royal Family.

Jack Izzard, CEO of Rhizome Media, said: “We’ll probably never know whether Harry and Meghan got a twinge of pleasure from Kate’s blushes. But what they should definitely get out of the Kensington Palace cock-up is a PR opportunity.”

He added: “A supportive word here, a gentle nod towards the important of Kate’s privacy there – there is a chance to offer a subtle olive branch…”

Royal sources said the Princess of Wales made “minor adjustments” and that Kate and the Prince of Wales wanted to offer an informal picture of the family together for Mother’s Day.

Brand and culture expert, Nick Ede, also told The Sun, with the right strategy, Harry and Meghan could be “the perfect pair to reunite and build the presence of the Royal Family once again”, adding that their “Hollywood glamour” would help take the heat off senior royals when they were out of action.

Princess Kate, following her pre-planned abdominal surgery, is expected to return to public-facing duties after Easter.

Meanwhile, King Charles, who is undergoing treatment after his recent cancer diagnosis, is continuing with work behind the scenes. Still making his presence notable, he is vowing to serve to the best of his ability, as stated in a video address on Commonwealth Day.

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