Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2024

Princess Kate’s favourite ‘waterproof and comfortable’ walking boots are reduced by £86

The Duchess of Wales is known for her chic and put-together style, but her attendance at certain events requires more practical choices.

In 2023, Kate was spotted wearing a pair of walking boots on a two-day visit to Wales to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Central Beacons Mountain Rescue.

She was joined by Prince William, who was also wearing a pair of hiking shoes as they took part in walking and abseiling.

Princess Kate’s boots were the Berghaus Women’s Supalite™ II GORE-TEX® Hiking Boot, which she also previously wore in a video to celebrate the couple’s 10th anniversary.

Although they can be bought directly from the Berghaus website, the cheapest place to shop right now is Ultimate Outdoors, where they’ve been reduced from £185 to £99.

Buy: Berghaus Women’s Supalite™ II GORE-TEX® Hiking Boot (£99)

As they’re designed for support and comfort in outdoor conditions, walking boots can be expensive, so getting a discount can help to save – especially when they’re not being worn all the time.

These boots are made to be super lightweight but still supportive, with memory foam collar and tongue for ultimate comfort and the perfect fit.

The GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort Footwear lining helps to seal out water, protecting the feet in wet and cold conditions.

Shoppers are saying the boots ‘fit perfectly’.

One shopper said: ”Great product – fits like a glove from first wear.”

Julie Cox commented: ”Bought these 3 weeks ago, waterproof, comfortable and fit perfectly. Walking the dog, so I practically live in them. They are light and I feel like I’ve had them for years. Good ankle support. Glad I paid extra, you do get what you pay for.”

Tess also added: ”Beautifully soft. I really wanted to give these five stars but the first hour I’ve worn them they’re squeaking and I’m walking along sounding like geese are flying overhead. I hope it is just the new surfaces touching together and that the noise fades because I feel self-conscious!”

Those looking to get walking boots for occasional or one-off use could opt for an even cheaper pair, like the £34.99 Adventurer Womens Waterproof Walking Boots from Mountain Warehouse.

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