Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2024

Russia’s allies are ‘treating Ukraine war like a world war’ | World | News

The fighting raging in eastern Europe is not a small, contained war between Russia and Ukraine but, rather, is a “global” conflict, according to an expert.

David Axe, an American military correspondent and blogger, noted that more than just two countries are involved in the conflict, as both Russia and Ukraine heavily rely on their international partners for the supplies needed to carry on fighting.

Ukraine needs weapons from the US, the UK and the European Union to win – not dissimilarly to how Russia is widely believed to be receiving military and technological support from North Korea, Iran and China, Mr Axe said.

In a comment piece for The Telegraph, he wrote: “Russia cannot win in Ukraine without allies from all over the world – no more than Ukraine can win without its own allies on several continents.

“Yes, the actual combat is in Ukraine and Russia, with Iran also engaged against Israel both by proxy and now directly. But the wider conflict is global.”

Mr Axe stated the “stakes are global too” as he noted US Army General Christopher Cavoli has been one of the several Western officials to warn the world a victory in Ukraine will likely see Vladimir Putin attack another nation.

Gen Cavoli, the commander of the US European Command, said last week before the House Armed Services Committee: “Russia does not intend to stop with Ukraine. Russia presents a chronic threat.”

Several NATO countries have responded to the rising Russian threat by bolstering their defence in recent months.

Moscow, however, is feared to be already waging a hybrid war in Europe, with at least Moldova and Estonia believed to have been the targets of a range of Russian attacks.

Speaking about the alliance between Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, Gen Cavoli said: “These countries are forming interlocking, strategic partnerships in an attempt to challenge the existing order. This is profoundly inimical to US national interests.”

Despite widespread warnings Ukraine‘s defeat on the battlefield could lead to devastating consequences for the whole West, the war-torn nation is seeing the aid coming its way dwindle.Alo

The US Congress has been blocking several billions worth of aid for Ukraine since last autumn, despite Kyiv fearing to be left without not only weapons to counter-attack Russia but even missiles to defend itself from the relentless aerial strikes targeting its cities and sensitive targets.

On the other hand, the support reportedly provided by Beijing, Pyongyang and Tehran to Russia appears unwavering.

Mr Axe warned: “The world’s most powerful autocracies are already treating the Ukraine war like a world war. They support Russia in order to assert the power of countries like Russia to attack, conquer and oppress when and where they choose.”

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