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Search for UFO spotted in lake 77 years ago ‘promising’ after sonar images reveal ‘object’ | World | News

Since the dawn of time, humans have in some form or another claimed to see odd things in the sky.

Cave paintings around the world depict otherwordly creatures, tales from history tell of strange hovering lights, and, with the advent of video technology, moving pictures claim to have caught flying saucers right above our very heads.

Of course, the verdict is out on whether aliens truly exist. But developments in Norway regarding a sighting of a UFO almost 100 years have got extraterrestrial boffins.

Multiple reports and investigations in the immediate aftermath failed, and for a while, things seemed to be shut off completely. Now, however, improved technology and an increased appetite to solve the mystery are helping experts in their search for the truth.

To find the source of the story you have to go back to 1947. It was then that the mayor of Røros claimed to have witnessed a strange object fall from the sky and land in the nearby Lake Djupsjøen.

He described it as being “egg” shaped and having landed in a way that appeared to be controlled, like an aircraft performing an arrival.

After going in search of people to tell and returning to the site, the “egg”, it seemed, had disappeared.

It is a story familiar among all Norwegians, and one that photographer Rue Røstad described while speaking to RTBF: “It looked like a rocket and it made a lot of noise. It turned 180 degrees and landed in the lake behind us.”

Until recently, research yielded nothing. But recently work by Røstad has heralded at least some breakthrough finds.

“We found an object that is located just below this hole. It measures fourteen meters long and three meters wide,” he said.

The publication reports that the “first sonar images look promising. An object seems to be there,” though work is continuing.

Arnulf Løken, a member of the Norwegian UFO Center, said: “It’s really exciting. This is one of the largest UFO search operations in Norwegian history.”

Divers have been making repeated trips into the lake but as of yet to no avail. “I think it’s something known, not something unknown coming from space. Something terrestrial, but who knows,” predicted Løken.

Armed with an underwater drone and other high-spec technology, Røstad and his team are searching Djupsjøen for any evidence. “If there is something there, we will find it,” said Røstad

Mysterious events in Røros and nearby Holtålen are not entirely unheard of. Ever since 1981, unexplainable lights have appeared over Hessdalen, a town within the region.

The lights have long fascinated UFO enthusiasts, and have been the subject of a hit Norwegian series produced by Christian Aune Falch.

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