Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2024

Spain’s ‘sun-drenched’ expat retirement paradise | Travel News | Travel

Dreaming of moving to Spain to enjoy your golden years? A gorgeous coastal city could be the perfect spot.

According to the experts at , Alicante is one of Europe’s most affordable destinations for retired British expats.

Located on Spain’s Costa Blanca, the city is a popular holiday destination with many Brits using it as the gateway to Benidorm and other leading resorts.

The International Living team described the city as “sun-drenched” and they’re not wrong. It has one of Europe’s lowest amounts of rainfall with temperatures as high as 30 degrees in July.

While Alicante’s sunny weather and beaches might be enough to tempt British expats, the city is also much more affordable than the UK. says it’s one of Spain’s cheapest expat destinations with one-bedroom apartments available to rent for $700 (£552) per month.

Alicante’s restaurants and shops are also much cheaper than the UK with a coffee and croissant available for just $2 (£1.58).

A three-course lunch menu can cost as little as $12 (£9.47) per person with a beer or glass of wine included.

While Alicante is close to some of Spain’s prettiest beaches, the city also has some incredible historic sites.

The Castillo de Santa Barbara dates back to the 16th century and is one of the city’s most striking landmarks.

The city’s indoor food market stretches across two floors and sells delicious fresh local produce.

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