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State pension age disability payment starting this year – see if you’re eligible | Personal Finance | Finance

The Scottish Government recently confirmed that a new disability payment, set to provide extra financial support for people of State Pension age, will not include a mobility component.

However, it also stated that the new benefit will not require any face-to-face assessments during the application process.

The Pension Age Disability Payment will replace the Attendance Allowance as part of a phased pilot launch starting this Autumn for new claimants, before being rolled out across the country in early 2025.

Some 129,641 people living in Scotland who currently receive either £68.10 or £101.75 each week through the Attendance Allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), will not need to apply for the new benefit.

They will be transferred in stages to the Social Security Scotland IT system.

The Pension Age Disability Payment is designed to help older people who have a disability that requires them to need assistance with self-care, or supervision for their safety.

Social Security Scotland has said that decisions about eligibility for the Pension Age Disability Payment will be made using the applicant’s account of their circumstances and any existing supporting information, reports the Daily Record.

There will be no face-to-face assessments, examples of supporting information include:.

Social Security Scotland will “assume responsibility, where necessary, for gathering information from various sources suggested by the individual.”

Eligibility for Pension Age Disability Payment

The benefit will be for people who meet the following criteria:

  • People who are State Pension age and over
  • People who have had their condition for at least six months
  • People who require additional care

Guidance from Gov. Scot adds: “It is anticipated that eligibility rules for Pension Age Disability Payment will remain broadly similar to Attendance Allowance.”

It also states: “It is our intention that the rate of all forms of disability assistance will remain the same as the current rate of the equivalent UK disability benefit. The rate of assistance will increase in line with inflation each year.”

This migration process from DWP systems for those on Attendance Allowance, along with those on Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Carer’s Allowance, will see around 700,000 people move to the new Scottish welfare system by the end of 2025.

Below is an overview of what we know so far about Pension Age Disability Payment, if you need extra help now contact DWP – full details about Attendance Allowance can be found on GOV. UK.

Pension Age Disability Payment

Attendance Allowance claimants living in Scotland will automatically transfer to the new system, so there’s no need to apply for the devolved benefit. People receiving the financial support in England and Wales will not be affected by the change and will continue to receive regular payments from the DWP.

When will the new Pension Age Disability Payment replace the current Attendance Allowance?

Social Security Scotland hasn’t given a specific timeline for when the Pension Age Disability Payment will be rolled out. However, they plan to start a pilot scheme in Autumn 2024 and fully launch it by early 2025.

Those who are currently receiving Attendance Allowance will be moved to the new system in stages after the Pension Age Disability Payment has been introduced.

Who can apply for the Pension Age Disability Payment?

The eligibility rules for the Pension Age Disability Payment are expected to be similar to those for Attendance Allowance. This means that people who are of State Pension age or older, have had their condition for at least six months, and need extra care will be able to apply.

How will applications be evaluated?

Social Security Scotland will decide who gets the Pension Age Disability Payment based on what the applicant says about their situation and any supporting information they provide.

As already mentioned, there won’t be any face-to-face assessments as part of the application process.

The new guidance on GOV. SCOT about disability benefits says: “We are making the application process as simple and easy as possible to encourage and support people to apply for the payments they are entitled to. The application process for disability assistance will be inclusive, accessible, provided in a range of formats and available through a range of routes (online, phone, post and in-person).”

“We are making a number of improvements to the application form to include clear guidance on how the eligibility criteria is applied. This will ensure a client is supported in providing relevant information with in-person support available.”

You can get Pension Age Disability Payment from Social Security Scotland at the same rates as Attendance Allowance. Right now, it’s also the same for Child Disability Payment and Adult Disability Payment.

Here’s what you’ll get each week for Attendance Allowance:

Lower rate – £68.10 (going up to £72.65 in April).

Higher rate – £101.75 (going up to £108.55 in April).

Want to apply for the Pension Age Disability Payment?

You can’t apply for this new benefit just yet.

If you’re over State Pension age and need help because of a disability, you should keep applying for Attendance Allowance from the DWP.

For the latest updates on the new Disability Assistance being delivered by Social Security Scotland, visit the website here.

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