Published On: Sat, Mar 9th, 2024

Tenerife fury with British tourists as beautiful seaside towns turned into ‘ghetto’ | Travel News | Travel

locals have blamed British tourists for turning their island into a “ghetto” and claimed they are behind rising rent, and anti-social behaviour.

Millions of Britons visit the every year, with Tenerife ranking among their favourites on the territory, and an extensive tourism industry has formed around them.

In 2023 alone, a record-breaking 5.6 million people visited Tenerife one holiday, an increase of 600,000 on pre- tourism.

While the visitors add approximately €3billion (£2.5billion) to the local economy each year, the growth has come at a cost to native islanders and permanent residents, who have said they are living in a “nightmare”.

Several residents have complained are “ignorant of how we are suffering” as they call for harsher rules guiding stays on the island.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Online, the Tenerife locals have said their lives have been permanently changed in multiple ways by the sheer influx of tourists.

They have seen their sleep patterns altered by loud music and noisy vacationers, and even their wallets picked clean by a surge in prices they associate with foreigners’ arrival.

One resident, 33-year-old bar worker Josua Garcia-Garcia, said Playas de las Americas is a “nightmare” when tourists come, adding: “I only get four hours of sleep every night because of the music and noise, which keeps me up until three in the morning.”

He and other residents have called for the local government to impose stricter rules on tourists, as they are “ignorant of how we are suffering”.

Olivia Valdiva, 50, said only foreigners and tourists live well on the island, as food and rent are rising to unbearable levels.

She said: “We can’t afford to eat well and maintain a car and house, the locals are tired of having no money.

“Rents are soaring, and people on average salaries cannot afford to live here any more – once they pay their rent, they have no money for food.”

Zarita Chinea, 39, said Tenerife’s resort areas have become “a bit of a tourism ghetto”.

The criticism comes as Tenerife officials declare the island is going through a water shortage, which politicians have also blamed on tourists.

Tenerife Island Water Council declared an emergency due to severe shortages last week, warning people not to waste water as visitor numbers continue to surge.

Luis Javier Gonzalez, the mayor of Fasnia, said “the massive arrival of tourism” would only complicate the already dire situation.

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