Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2024

The £4bn high-speed train that gave pretty European city ‘huge boost’ | Travel News | Travel

When it comes to Spanish tourism hotspot cities such as Barcelona, Seville or Valencia might spring to mind.

But one Spanish city you might not even heard of – Zamora – was given an almighty tourism boost when a £4bn high-speed railway linked it up to the country’s capital city Madrid, with the easy train trip now taking you a little over an hour.

The Madrid–Galicia high-speed railway line links Zamora to the buzzing capital and it’s meant a visitor surge for the whole area.

David Moralejo, head of content at Condé Nast Traveler Spain, talked about what the line that became operational in 2021 means for the city saying it will see a “boost in tourism thanks to the new AVE from Madrid (high-speed train), which takes just an hour.” 

And there are plenty of reasons to visit Zamora, even if it’s just a quick stop for the day.

There are an abundance of Romanesque churches – all of them built around the 12th and 13th centuries. 

Zamora is also famous for its Holy Week, traditional food and one of the best orchards in Spain.

Travel bloggers Nienke Krook and Nick Vullings enjoyed their trip to the city.

They said on their website The Travel Tester: “We arrived late at night and hungry, so the real sightseeing could only start the next day. It soon turned out there is plenty to see and do in this Romanesque capital of Spain!”

They added: “Zamora has maintained a strong medieval feel to it and there are a lot of historic buildings, including many Romanesque churches, a cathedral and a castle.”

Many others who have visited the city agreed, taking to travel website Tripadvisor to share their views on their Zamora experiences.

One said: “Zamora is a historic city with a plethora of old churches (what a surprise!) and other attractive buildings. 

“It is also a place to enjoy simply walking around the pleasing maze of narrow streets and squares. And as a bonus – there are lots of simple cafe bars to enjoy beers and tapas.”

Another said that they were “wowed” by Zamora.

They said: “The incredible old town came like a bolt of wonder. Simply stunning. 

“The area around the castle and cathedral is amazing, richly steeped in history, astoundingly well preserved and with terrific vistas over the Douro and beyond.”

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