Published On: Wed, Mar 13th, 2024

The beautiful beach dubbed Europe’s answer to the Caribbean with gorgeous pink sand | Travel News | Travel

This beautiful beach in Greece is home to pink sand and dubbed Europe’s answer to the Caribbean thanks to its crystal clear waters.

While pink beaches are a rarity in the world, Elafonisi in Greece gets its pretty colour from millions of shells and coral fragments ground up by the reef.

After being mixed with the sand, the play of colours creates a stunning pink hue which is especially present at sunset.

Located on the popular island of Crete, the lagoon is a must-visit and has even been called the “Maldives of Europe”.

In recent years, people travelling in for the day have taken to TripAdvisor to rave about the pink sand and the crystal clear waters. 

One person wrote: “The water is warm and you can wade out a very long ways without waves… We enjoyed spotting the pink flecks of sand, and the water color was gorgeous.”

Another said that while there are many tourists, you can also find your own private patch of land along the coastline. 

They shared: “If bringing your own umbrella then walk right across the beach and follow the path through the dune area to what we think is the nicest part of the beach, the sea onyver this side is an amazing colour there are little coves tinged with pink.

“If you want peace and quiet, walk a short distance along the beach and you will get your own private patch.”

A third posted: “Safe also for small children because there are two sides, a shallow cove and a slightly deeper sea side.”

While a fourth added: “The lagoons were crystal clear, shallow, flat water which warmed up quickly and we’re safe for little ones to splash in”.

The beach of Elafonisi is located on its own little island, easily reached by walking through the shallow waters. There are plenty of activities to do on the beach, including kite surfing and paragliding.

For those spending the day at the beach, try spotting some of the sea turtles that swim in the area.

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