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The beautiful European seaside town constantly overshadowed by its famous neighbours | Travel News | Travel

A stunning European seaside town is stuffed in the middle of several tourist hotspots.

The roughly 2,026 residents of Praiano live on the Amalfi Coast, on the other side of the Punta Campanella from Naples.

Its coastal neighbour is one of the country’s most visited, with local authorities reporting approximately 3.7 million tourists per year.

The Amalfi Coast as a whole sees roughly five million, thanks to its collection of historically and culturally significant communities.

Praiano is a beautiful town, one of many along the coast, but most of those tourists travel to see its other neighbours.

Naples isn’t the only famous city or town neighbouring the town, as there are several other tourist traps occupying space around Praiano.

Aside from Naples is the town of Pompei, also to Praiano’s north, which is home to the world-famous Pompeii, which, like the nearby city, sits in the shadow of Vesuvius.

When the volcano blew its top in 79AD, it killed but perfectly preserved many of the city’s residents, turning them into ashen silhouettes that still stand today and attract 2.5 million tourists a year.

To Praiano’s west and off the Punta Campanella is the sun-soaked island paradise of Capri.

The famous island is only four square miles, home to 7,201 people, but welcomes up to 2.3 million tourists a year.

The island has long served as a celebrity playground and is lined with luxury villas and picturesque beaches.

Praiano has another major city to its east, Salerno, which is home to 134,850 people.

While not quite as popular as Naples, Salerno is a port city in southern Italy that often serves as a stopping point for major cruise liners.

The popular local towns and cities mean Praiano is often overlooked, but its size and placement make it the perfect town to enjoy the Amalfi Coast.

People who want to get away from the local hubbub can spend a few days staying in the town, relaxing on its beach, or eating delicious local delicacies in its restaurants and cafes.

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