Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2024

The Conservative Party has allowed Reform to fill a political void, warns Andrea Jenkyns | Express Comment | Comment

In a time when energy and food prices have surged, and people are struggling, why on earth did the Chancellor decide to spend a million pounds of our great British Taxpayers hard earned cash on monuments?

Additionally, why allocate £390 million to green projects within the budget? Albeit this thankfully is a drop in the ocean compared to the £28 billion proposed by the Labour Party for this green religion! But it’s still £390 million too much as far as I’m concerned.

But more concerning was that we continue to give away millions to a French government that has quite clearly failed to deliver on its pledge to help “stop the boats” as seen by the dozens of new arrivals in the past fortnight alone.

That means we are paying twice for a service we aren’t receiving. Illegal immigrants continue to land on our shores and we remain helpless to deport them, instead putting them up in hotels at the taxpayers’ expense.

Free speech within the country is eroding at such a rate, that we are seeing bestselling authors, scriptwriters, actors, and academics being no-platformed simply for pointing out that there are two genders.

More disturbingly, this weekend, we saw a lone protester stand his ground against the baying pro-Palestine mob, who was subsequently arrested for holding a sign that stated, “Hamas are terrorists”.

The last time I checked, that statement is aligned with the fact that Hamas is registered as a proscribed terrorist organisation in Britain, yet this man was detained for breaching the peace while others on the same march walked freely by as they held anti-Semitic placards and chanted for the destruction of Israel.

Why are we entertaining this two-tier policing? Why are the police standing by as the mob projects anti-Semitic slogans onto Big Ben?

The British public has had enough, and unfortunately, it has happened on our watch. Yes, Labour would be far worse, but why have we allowed the Reform party to fill this void?

But to those disillusioned with the Conservative Party, be careful what you wish for. Because a protest vote might sound like an understandable way to democratically express your anger and disappointment with our current leadership, but it opens the door for a Labour government wedded to closer cooperation with Europe, an administration that will pander to the woke mob and push on with our establishment’s obsession with Net Zero.

That doesn’t mean we should just accept the leadership we have – far from it. Some Conservative MPs need to take a long hard look at themselves. They have sat idly by while Rome burned, allowing our historic 2019 majority and the opportunity that came with it to deliver a truly conservative government to go up in smoke.

The Conservative parliamentary party should never have ousted our most charismatic leader for a generation, the democratically elected Boris Johnson who won us that stonking majority.

We should never have allowed the public service and institutions to work against us in implementing our policies. We should have torn up all the Brexit red-tape policies.

We need to have zero-tolerance policing, ditch these Net Zero policies, reform the NHS, and stop those who come here illegally from queue jumping and getting more support than native Britons.

This is common sense. This is what is needed.

It is the last chance saloon now; we must stop a socialist government. We need to reignite our Thatcherite and Churchillian roots. We need to choose a party leader who will be bold, stand up for Britain against foreign courts, defy the woke mob, and regain control of our streets.

It’s time to again be Common Sense Conservatives.

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