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The country in Europe where you’re more likely to die younger than anywhere else | Europe | Travel

Life expectancies vary from country to country and can fluctuate immensely depending on diet and the welfare system in that nation. On average, people are living for longer, forcing countries to reorientate themselves around older people so their social care systems can cope.

According to recent data, the country with one of the lowest average life expectancies is Bulgaria. Data from Eurostat says the Balkan nation has an average life expectancy of just 71.4.

In comparison to nations further west, this figure is substantially lower. In Spain, the average life expectancy is 83.3 and in Sweden it is 83.1.

Not only does Bulgaria have the lowest life expectancy of European nations, but it has also seen the lowest level of improvement.

Euronews reported that the life expectancy in the country in 2021 was 0.2 years lower than in the year 2000. In contrast, the next country along is Slovakia which saw an improvement of 1.3 years.

At the top of the list were Estonia and Ireland. Estonia’s life expectancy rose by 6.1 years while Ireland also saw a big jump of 5.8 years.

Alongside a lower adult life expectancy than the rest of Europe, Bulgaria also had the highest infant mortality rate with 5.6 per 1,000 births.

While Bulgaria was one of the founding members of the European Union, only at the end of this month on March 31 it will join the Schengen zone.

In a statement on their addition to the zone, the European Commission said: “Controls at internal air and sea borders between Bulgaria and Romania and countries of the Schengen area will be lifted as of 31 March 2024.”

The move will make it easier for Europeans to travel in and out of the country and make it easier for people to experience the bustling culture of its countryside and capital city Sofia.

Located in the west of the country, it sits on the River Iskar next to the Vitosha mountain. The city, the fourth largest in Europe, is reportedly overlooked by tourists who prefer beaches or skiing.

Speaking about the city, the Cheapest Destinations Blog said: “Sofia is a good city for (wandering) because it’s a very walkable one.

“The area where most of the attractions are is relatively compact and then there are interesting neighbourhoods branching out from there.”

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