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The huge and beautiful country with so few people it’s 99 per cent empty | Travel News | Travel

A huge and beautiful country located in north-central is “99.7 percent empty” due to its low population density relative to its vast land area.

Mongolia is a landlocked country mainly covered by sparsely populated grasslands and semi-desert areas. In the past, Mongolia was the centre of a vast empire led by Genghis Khan, which extended into .

One-third of people live in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, while about 40 percent of the workforce are nomads who herd animals in the vast grasslands.

Much of Mongolia consists of arid or semi-arid steppe, desert, and mountainous regions, with extreme temperatures ranging from very hot summers to bitterly cold winters.

These harsh environmental conditions make large parts of the country inhospitable for human settlement.

Despite its size, Mongolia is landlocked, bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. It spans 1.6 million square kilometres and is home to approximately 3.4 million people.

Traditionally, Mongolia has a nomadic herding culture, with many people living in rural areas and moving with their livestock to find grazing land and water sources.

This lifestyle is conducive to lower population densities, as people are spread out across the vast landscape.

While Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, has experienced rapid urbanisation in recent years, with significant population growth and migration from rural areas, the country still faces challenges in providing infrastructure, services, and employment opportunities to support a larger urban population.

Despite being sparsely populated, Mongolia’s vast landscapes, unique culture, and nomadic heritage contribute to its distinct identity and appeal as a destination for adventure tourism and exploration.

A tourist-friendly country has left many cheering for it on the travel forum, TripAdvisor.

One visitor said: “It was a wonderful tour experience in Mongolia! Mongolia is beautiful and I was amazed by the landscape and wildlife along the way. The accommodations at the ger camps were comfortable and clean, and the food provided every day was delicious. The tour activities such as horse and camel riding were fun.”

A second user continued: “Excellent place to live and raise a family!cConsider moving here. The sandstorms keep the bandits out and the skeletal remains of camels make for great playhouses for the kids!cThe local population of 3 entire humans is very friendly and very welcoming.

Plenty to do as well, like sand sledding/skiing and deciding who gets the food and water rations is quite challenging, yet fun to partake in.cNo better place to live, but we don’t want everyone to move here. Too many people as it is.”

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