Published On: Thu, Mar 7th, 2024

Tory MP blasts Hollyoaks over trans storyline for 12-year-old girl | Politics | News

Hollyoaks should be “ashamed” of a controversial trans storyline for a 12-year-old character, a Tory MP has said.

Nick Fletcher warned children are being influenced by adults which is leading to an explosion in referrals to gender clinics.

He called for communications watchdog Ofcom to investigate the plot by the Channel 4 soap.

The Don Valley MP said: “In 1994 the London Gender Clinic for Children saw 12 children. 30 years on it has been seeing thousands. We ask why? This is why.

“Adults, all kinds of organisations, are planting in children’s minds, an idea with no basis in science or evidence, which if pursued will in all likelihood put these children on a pathway to irreversible harm and a lifetime of medical complications, risk, and pain.

“The Hollyoaks team should be ashamed and Ofcom should investigate.”

The storyline sees 12-year-old Rose Lomax, played by Ava Webster, question her gender identity in a soap first.

In an episode earlier this week, she opened up to trans character Kitty Draper, played by Iz Hesketh.

An emotional Rose said: “I don’t know what the first step is. I’m a boy but my body’s all wrong. How am I supposed to tell my parents that?”

Kitty replied: “I’ll help you in whatever way I can. But you need to know that your life is in your hands.

“So, stop bunking off school. Then, and only then, you can start thinking about how and when you can tell your mum.

“You can’t move on with your life until you’ve told the people you love who you truly are. That is if you’re sure?”

Rose insisted that she is “so sure”.

Kitty added: “Well then once you’ve taken the first step, you can start actually being who you truly are. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Hollyoaks posted the clip on social media platform X and said it was “an important conversation to have”.

Channel 4 was contacted for comment.

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