Published On: Sun, Mar 17th, 2024

Travellers share the best things to do in airports for free to pass the time | Travel News | Travel

A number of travel experts have shared their tips for passing the time when waiting for their flight at an airport.

To ensure travellers don’t miss their flight, many tend to arrive with several hours to spare before boarding the plane.

Posting to the r/travel subreddit, the social media user @Hermininny asked others for tips on how to spend the time wisely, suggesting it can be difficult to do whilst being mindful of luggage restrictions.

She explained: “I like to give myself plenty of time to catch my flights, which means I spend a lot of time waiting. Usually, I like to read, but books are heavy and take up valuable space (I prefer carry-on [luggage] only).

“I have an e-reader but it is not my favourite. [I’m] just curious what everyone else does with [their] free time in airports.”

Responding to the request, many social media users suggested that, if they have a long time to wait, they typically go into the airport lounge.

In most cases, passengers will need to pay between £10 to £30 to access the lounge. However, some consider it worthwhile since they often have more comfortable seating and faster wi-fi.

In some cases, buying access to the airport lounge could offer better value for money since all of the food and drinks are complimentary.

One Reddit user noted that they like to stay active whilst they wait by walking around the airport, stating that some smartphone games help to keep them motivated.

They continued: “I walk [around] the airport, usually playing Pokemon Go. I want to keep moving and get some steps in before I have to sit for hours on a plane.

“I enjoy people-watching anyway, so I don’t mind long layovers. It’s fun to see travellers and meet some others while I’m bored.”

Another suggested bringing a deck of cards to play games, stating that it can be a good way to meet other people who are also waiting.

They added: “I normally bring a deck of cards and some dice to play Yahtzee, or some small games like that. Me and my husband will pass the time with some food and play.

“We’ve even had other people come [and] play with us too, which makes the time go by that much faster for everyone. It’s quiet enough to not bother other people but entertaining enough not to be bored.”

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