Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2024

UK hot weather: Incredible maps show exact date temperatures rises to 14C within days | Weather | News

However, parts of Scotland will remain cold as weather maps show a slight possibility of rainfall, mostly over the Scottish highlands.

Temperatures are likely to oscillate between 2-3C, according to the latest maps. And despite the heat, some parts of Britain are expected to be hit by a barrage of rain.

According to experts, the wind direction is anticipated to shift from the south to the southwest, intensifying notably, particularly in the lee areas of the Scottish mountains, where gusts will be pronounced.

Jim Dale, a meterologist with British Weather Services told “We are entering into a changeable weather pattern. We are likely to see 16C which means heat is coming out from the south of the southwest and this will continue on and off through the course of this week.”

He added: “By the time we reach the weekend, there is a switch and the airstream will come from the north, which means it will turn colder again.

“This is a typical spring situation where it doesn’t quite know which direction to move in. The temperature is slightly above where we should be. We do see it occasionally and everything depends on the airflow. Areas in the south and southwest are likely to see 16C in the coming days.”


Rain will spread across the UK this morning, turning heavy at times. Heavy rain will gradually clear to the east leaving a drier and cloudy afternoon, although light outbreaks of rain are still possible. Turning windy in the west.


Cloudy this evening with outbreaks of light rain in the west at first. Rain will become heavier and more persistent across Northern Ireland and Scotland through the night.


A band of rain will slowly move across northern parts of the UK. Drier in southern England and Wales, but largely cloudy. A windy day, with gales in northern Scotland.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Rain continuing this week, particularly in the west where it will be heavy at times. Some fine and dry weather in the southeast at times. Turning milder through the week.

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