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Since 2020, the world is certainly a different place and according to a Global Mind Project’s fourth annual Mental State of the World report (conducted by Sapien Labs), some nations have been left feeling more unhappy than others. Within touching distance of the top of the list is the UK, beaten only by one other destination, ranked as the “most unhappy country in the world”.

As part of the research, 419,175 individuals from 71 different countries responded to an anonymous online survey.

The assessment uses data to calculate the individual’s Mental Health Quotient (MHQ), which takes into account 47 aspects of mental health, in six main categories: mood and outlook, social self, drive and motivation, mind-body connection, cognition and adaptability and resilience.

The research also takes a peek into people’s lifestyles, dynamics with family and friends, and personal traumas. Based on these responses, people were given a score which placed them on a spectrum: ranking them from “thriving” to “distressed”.

Though the UK was in second place for “unhappiness”, Uzbekistan is the nation which ranked lower than the UK.

Based on overall MHQ, Uzbekistan, located in Central Asia, scored an average of 48 percent. The UK only just beat this figure with an average MHQ of 49 percent which represents a 2.5 percent drop since 2022.

The data collected also found that 35 percent of respondents in the UK suggested they were “distressed or struggling” which is actually higher than in Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan, the percentage of respondents who were “distressed or struggling” was found to be 32 percent.

The UK’s neighbour, Ireland, also made it onto the list of “unhappy” nations, coming in at number eight. The average MHQ score for Ireland was found to be 55.

Joining the UK and Ireland on the list of “unhappy countries” is South Africa, Brazil, Tajikistan, Australia and Egypt.

South African respondents ranked as “struggling or distressed” matched the UK at 35 percent.

Iraq and Yemen finished off the list, though both still scored a higher MHQ score than the UK, at 56 and 59 respectively.

Based on the data and research collected as part of the Mental State of the World report, the countries found to be the most unhappy include:

1. Uzbekistan
2. UK
3. South Africa
4. Brazil
5. Tajikistan
6. Australia
7. Egypt
8. Ireland
9. Iraq
10. Yemen

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