Published On: Tue, Feb 27th, 2024

UK snow alert as map pinpoints cities to be hit by blizzards in big freeze this week | Weather | News

The UK is under a new snow alert as brand new maps pinpoint which cities are most likely to be hit by blizzards as temperatures plummet later this week.

On Friday, parts of the UK will be hit by a wall of snow that will envelop parts of Scotland, England, and Wales with subzero temperatures and several inches of snow.

In the north, the Scottish cities of Inverness, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Glasgow are most likely to be hit by snow while the Scottish Highlands will also be vulnerable to the cold front moving in.

Further south, Carlisle could also receive a few centimetres of snow alongside northern English cities such as Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. Further west, in Wales, the likes of Wrexham could see snowfall and even Cardiff further south.

Although northern cities are likely to see some if not severe snowfall, cities further south and east such as Norwich, London, Birmingham, Reading, and Brighton could remain dry, but with temperatures remaining close to zero degrees.

As a result, conditions on the roads and railways could be more treacherous as ice forms making life more difficult for people travelling.

While there is a risk of snow, for many areas, not everyone is convinced as many parts of the UK will be hit by snowflakes as forecast.

Speaking to about the possibility of snow, spokesperson for the Met Office Graham Madge said they believed that only the Scottish Highlands would be hit hard by snowfall and that the UK could see a dry start to next month.

Mr Madge said: “Aside from the Scottish mountains, there isn’t strong potential for any snow until the latter part of this week when a move to cooler conditions provides a stronger signal for snow over high ground and the risk of overnight frost in areas away from the cloud.

“As we enter March, temperatures are likely to be slightly below average, although any snowfall is likely to be largely restricted to northern hills. Further into the month, there is an increased chance of high pressure which would, in turn, increase the likelihood of prolonged drier spells and slightly colder than average conditions.”

In their forecast for the start of the month, the Met Office warned: “Next weekend is likely to continue in an unsettled mood, though temperatures should slowly recover to near average for early March, though still with some frost by night in one or two places.”

“All areas of the UK will be at risk of further showers (any snow limited to northern hills), with a chance of longer spells of rain in the south particularly at first. There will be drier interludes between times though, with some pleasant spring sunshine, especially in places sheltered from the often strong winds.”

Tuesday, February 27 until Saturday, March 2


A largely dry start for southern parts with mist and fog patches soon clearing as rain and cloud sinks southeast through the day, though weakening as it goes. Sunny spells and blustery showers follow behind further north.


Rain and drizzle clearing to the southeast allowing further mist and fog patches to form overnight. Further rain and strong winds arriving in the far west by dawn.


A dry start for much of the country on Wednesday, but with rain a drizzle moving eastwards and covering all parts by the afternoon. Rain heaviest on western hills.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Dry to start on Wednesday with further rain arriving from the west, turning heavy at times through Thursday. Remaining cold and unsettled for Friday.

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