Published On: Sun, Mar 3rd, 2024

What is the Samsung Galaxy Ring? Everything you need to know

Samsung is one of the biggest names in technology thanks to its decades of mobile phones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops. The Korean company challenges Apple as one of the biggest tech firms in the world, and it has recently announced its first smart ring. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring is a wearable ring designed to track your health and fitness 24/7.

The Galaxy Ring is worn on the finger just like a regular ring. got to see and photograph the new ring at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona in February. The device comes in silver, grey, and gold colours and has a slightly concave dip in its circumference rather than being completely flat the whole way around,

It has sensors on the inside that sit against your skin to measure things such as heart rate to give you insights into your health and fitness. As it is small and subtle. It can be worn all day and night, monitoring your sleep as well as your walks.

Smart rings are not brand new, but Samsung’s entry into the market is the first time a major household name in technology has built one. The most famous smart ring so far is the Oura Ring, which recently reviewed. We enjoyed the data is gave us without having to wear – or be pestered by notifications from – a smartwatch, but it is expensive at $299 and also requires a monthly subscription cost of £5.99.

Samsung has not announced the pricing of the Galaxy Ring, nor if it will have a subscription cost attached. We think that’s unlikely though. Samsung’s VP of its digital health team Hon Pak told Wired recently that people can wear the Galaxy Ring with a Samsung smartwatch to get even more detailed health data.

Despite teasing the Ring in January at the launch of the Galaxy S24 and then showing it off in the flesh (metal?) at Mobile World Congress, relatively little is known about the Galaxy Ring’s exact features. Samsung also told Wired the Ring will not have automatic workout detection when it launches, suggesting the wearable will focus on sleep and health data rather than fitness and workouts – a clear sign the company hopes you’ll double up and buy a watch and a ring.

Alongside heart rate and health monitoring, the Galaxy Ring is said to have menstrual cycle tracking and a daily score that could measure your readiness for the day, much like the aptly named Daily Readiness Score offered by the Fitbit app if you wear a Fitbit all day. Samsung also said the Ring will push ‘Booster Cards’ via its app that suggest how to improve your health habits and get better sleep.

A companion app is essential as the Galaxy Ring has no screen or vibration motor. This could be a great option if you hate the idea of a smartwatch buzzing away on your wrist distracting you from work or your family.

It appears the Galaxy Ring will only work with Android phones, so iPhone owners miss out. It’s not clear if some features will only work with Samsung phones, as has been the case with the company’s other wearables in the past, but hopefully the experience will be the same across all Android devices.

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