Published On: Fri, Mar 8th, 2024

Woman cooking steak in a toaster has everyone saying the same thing | UK | News

Nowadays there seems to be a hack for everything – with cooking tips often being shared like crazy on the internet. But in one corner of the world wide web a clip of a woman revealing her own very weird way of cooking steak has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

In the footage that was originally shared to TikTok – and has now resurfaced on social media platform X – the woman explains she’s cooking a meal for her boyfriend.

Juliette – who calls herself a “master chef” on her TikTok account @itsmeju1iette – then videos herself popping two raw pieces of steak in a toaster. She lifts the browned steak from the toaster, smothers it in an unknown brown sauce and chomps on it herself.

The original video has been viewed an astonishing 16m times on TikTok and 13.9m times on X, from the account non aesthetic things which shares viral videos from around the world.

But rather than being impressed at her ingenuity people who’ve seen the clip are pretty shocked with many concerned about the safety implications – but more crucially the damage to the toaster.

One says: “Ye that toaster is done after.” “R.I.P both the toaster and the steak,” chipped in another X user.

“That’s a fire hazard,” says another. Others questioned the authenticity of the clip saying “I don’t believe this” and “this is not real”.

Meanwhile Chef Roice Bethel has been posting his genius and delicious recipes on his TikTok account @noflakeysalt, where he has an enormous 785.1K followers and a whopping 22M likes.

He recently posted a strange bacon hack he claims makes for “perfectly crispy” rashers. “Cold bacon goes into a cold pan. Add just enough water to cover your bacon. The water prevents your bacon from getting too hot, which gives the fat time to render out,” he explained.

“So the muscle and the fat finish cooking at the same exact time. Once the water completely evaporates the bacon is nice and crispy. The meat is not overcooked or burnt and the fat is perfectly nice and crispy.”

Not everyone was impressed by the hack. In fact, some were quite offended. Mike Oxbig733 wrote: “I’m calling the police.”

Vincent Calvin said: “Boiled out the best part of bacon…. the flavor!!” But some tried the hack and claimed it worked perfectly. One wrote: “Ommmmmmmggggg! tried this morning and game changer.” [sic]

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