Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2024

Your broadband bill is about to soar – simple change gets it half price

Like it or not your bill will probably be going up next month. All of the big UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including BT, Sky and Virgin Media have announced massive hikes which will all kick in from April 1st. It’s been confirmed that some bills could rise by as much as 8.9 percent making this another costly year for anyone with an internet connection.

If the thought of being targeted by another increase is leaving a bad taste in your mouth there is currently a way to get internet access for half the usual price. Three Mobile is currently dishing out broadband access for just £11 per month to anyone who signs up for its service.

That price cut lasts for the first six months of the plan with things then rising to £22 per month – a cost that’s still very competitive compared to its rivals.


The only thing you need to know when joining Three’s broadband is that the connection doesn’t come into homes via the usual copper or fibre optic wires. Instead, Three uses its mobile signal to beam the web into UK properties.

There are two plans to choose from including 4G and faster 5G services – you can check which signal is available in your home here.

Because there are no cables involved, Three simply sends its router to you in the post meaning no fussy installation or waiting in for an engineer to visit you.

The only downside of this service is that Three promises spreeds of around 150Mbps which isn’t as fast as some fibre connections – Virgin, BT and Sky all offer downloads in excess of 900Mbps.

Of course, sticking with your current provider is the easy option as it means you won’t have to make phone calls to cancel your service.

However, your bill will increase from April and here’s how much extra you could face paying.

VIRGIN MEDIA: IF you use Virgin Media’s broadband access you’re soon going to face paying 8.8 percent more. This hike comes into effect from April.

BT: BT is hiking things from March 31 with its users facing increases of 7.9 percent. BT says that this will add around £3 to the average bill.

SKY: Sky is adding a little less to bills with its users facing an increase of 6.7 percent.

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