Published On: Fri, Mar 8th, 2024

Australian reporter gets in a flap as bird dive-bombs her nine times in live TV segment | World | News

The hilarious moment a bird repeatedly swooped at a broadcaster was caught live on TV.

Ursula Heger, a reporter working at Australia‘s Channel 10, was reporting on a news story when a pesky bird started smacking the top of her head and using her scalp as a launch pad.

At first, Ms Heger remained professionally composed and tried to continue delivering the reportage, as shown in a now-viral clip depicting the scene.

But the incessant attacks by the feathered pest proved too disruptive for the journalist to allow her to carry on as if nothing was happening.

After trying to escape the bird’s trajectory by lowering her head and crouching down, Ms Heger eventually cracked up when the bird slapped her head a ninth time. 

In the video, her cameraman can be heard commenting on the incredible scene while Ms Heger looks away and laughs.

He commented: “This is the funniest thing.”

The journalist, who was left with her ruffled hair following the bird’s mischievous behaviour, said while trying to fix her hairdo: “This is the most ridiculous moment of my life. I just stood there and took it.” 

This is far from being the first funny incident caught on camera involving animals and journalists.

Last month, as Storm Ingunn was sweeping across Norway, a weather forecaster broadcasting live from the coast was slapped in the face by a flying fish.

Following the insane scene, the forecaster fell on the ground and was splashed by a massive wave, which left the professional drenched in freezing water. 

Also in February, a journalist at Channel 9 Today Show ended up hitting herself in the face after being tormented by a swarm of mosquitos which made her job impossible to be carried out.

In 2021, Russian weather reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina got her microphone stolen during a live broadcast by a cheeky Labrador Retriever and was caught on camera running after the pet to retrieve the piece of kit. 

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