Published On: Wed, Mar 13th, 2024

Iran will ‘remain a threat’ to US and allies after Gaza conflict, warns CIA intel report | World | News

Iran will “remain a threat” to the US and its allies after the conflict in Gaza has ended, according to a new report by the US Intelligence Community.

The Middle Eastern country will send arms and aides to its allies that will “continune to threaten the United States,” the report says.

Relations between the US and Iran remain tense and have further been exacerbated by the war in Israel – as Tehran perceives America to be too involved in the region.

The US threat report stated: “Iran will remain a threat to Israel and US allies and interests in the region well after the Gaza conflict, and probably will continue arming and aiding its allies to threaten the United States.”

Since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza, Iran has opposed Israel‘s bombardments, reports the Express US.

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The report goes on to say that Iran will continue to “back Hamas and others who seek to block a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians!.

But the Middle Eastern country is likely to want to avoid a direct conflict withe the US or Israel, the report states.

The country could, however, arm enemies of both with weapons and missiles, it is feared.

The report says: “While Iran will remain careful to avoid a direct conflict with either Israel or the United States, it nonetheless enabled scores of militia rocket, missile, and UAV attacks against US forces in Iraq and Syria; Hezbollah exchanges of fire with Israel on the north border with Lebanon; and Houthi missile and UAV attacks, both on Israel directly and on international commercial shipping transiting the Red Sea.”

This same report noted that Iran is dangerously increasing its plans to use weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) as part of its nuclear programme.

The document argues that Iran is no longer operating within the boundaries set by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, specifically regarding the development of nuclear warheads.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is a deal between Iran, the five countries who are permanent members of the UN Security Council, and the EU. This plan puts restrictions on Iran’s important nuclear facilities.

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