Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2024

Long Covid: Groundbreaking earpiece aims to bring relief to chronic sufferers | World | News

Neurotech company Parasym has developed a groundbreaking neuromodulation device, Nurosym, that may finally bring hope to providing treatment for patients diagnosed with Long COVID.

In an exclusive interview with the Express, Nathan Dundovic, co-founder of Parasym, explained: “Nurosym works by placing an earpiece on the left ear, targeting a specific single delivery that travels via the vagus nerve to the brain and throughout the body.

“It basically helps with influencing the nerve system.

“In the case of Long COVID, especially with acute cases, there’s this significant inflammatory response, which is very detrimental to the body and can have lasting impact like brain fog, depressive symptoms, etc.

“We can significantly reduce these symptoms.”

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a staggering 87 percent of hospitalized COVID patients have reported enduring prolonged symptoms post-recovery, a condition commonly referred to as Long COVID.

These lingering effects can range from debilitating fatigue to cognitive dysfunction, presenting an ongoing challenge for both patients and healthcare professionals.

However, Parasym’s innovative research offers a potential breakthrough in the treatment of Long COVID symptoms.

This neurotechnology predates the pandemic, as they have been continuously focusing on conditions that originate from nervous systems, such as cardiovascular disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dundovic said: “We’d seen very promising results for this, and when COVID hit, we saw that people affected had similar symptoms, so it made sense to try it out on people diagnosed with Long COVID.”

Upon release, Parasym studied the effects of neuromodulation in collaboration with the Human Waves Clinic and Université Libre de Bruxelles, which revealed a pattern of the virus damaging the vagus nerve, disrupting its crucial role in regulating the autonomic nervous system.

Clinical trials yielded promising results. In a study focusing on patients experiencing chronic fatigue symptoms post-COVID-19 infection, approximately 40 percent of participants exhibited positive responses to Nurosym neuromodulation. These responses were marked by improvements in fatigue, brain fog, and widespread pain, offering newfound hope to individuals grappling with Long COVID‘s relentless grip.

“Patients used the device an hour a day for 10 days,” Dundovic explained. “The main side effect reported was a mild irritation or redness on the part of your ear where you wear the earpiece, the tragus, if you wear the device for longer than recommended or turn it up too high. Typically, the irritation stops when you take the device off, it doesn’t linger at all.”

Neuromodulation therapy is considered low-risk, the researchers say. As it is a bioelectric treatment, it is non-invasive, as it doesn’t involve drugs or surgery, and can be used in the comfort of your own home. It can also be used concurrently with other forms of therapy.

Looking ahead, Dundovic plans to expand Parasym and provide support to people diagnosed with Long COVID.

“There’s a significant lack of options for people with Long COVID, and a significant need for safe and effective options, especially for people who are severely impacted and cannot lead their daily lives as they would before”, the co-founder said.

“Our mission is to significantly increase the quality of life of people affected.”

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