Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2024

Russian fighter jets left scrabbling to intercept RAF Typhoons over Black Sea | World | News

has claimed it scrambled a fighter jet after three aircraft approached its airspace over the Black Sea in a stark illustration of mounting tensions with the West.

A statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defence on Telegram said: “On March 6, Russian means of airspace control over the Black Sea detected three air targets approaching the state border of the Russian Federation.

“To prevent violation of the state border of the Russian Federation, a Su-30 fighter from the air defence forces on duty was scrambled into the air.”

The Russian fighter crew had identified the “air targets” as an RC-135 electronic reconnaissance and electronic warfare aircraft and two RAF Typhoon multi-role fighters, the statement said.

It added: “As the Russian fighter approached, foreign military aircraft made a turn from the state border of the Federation.

“The Russian plane returned safely to its home airfield.

“There was no violation of the state border of the Russian Federation.

“The flight of the Russian fighter was carried out in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace over neutral waters, without crossing air routes or dangerously approaching aircraft of a foreign state.” has contacted the UK Ministry of Defence for details.

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