Published On: Tue, Mar 5th, 2024

Top Vladimir Putin ally claims US-Russia relations worse than during Cuban Missile Crisis | World | News

A top ally of Vladimir Putin has made distrubing comments about the state of Russia‘s international relations amid ongoing cries for an end to the war in Ukraine.

In a recent public address, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia‘s Security Council, asserted that current relations between the US and Russia are even more strained those of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Commenting on East-West relations, Medvedev said ties between Moscow and Washington were now worse than during 1962, when the two countries appeared on the brink of nuclear conflict.

He said: “The current situation is much worse than the one in 1962. This is a fully fledged war against Russia with American weapons and with the participation of American special forces and American advisers. That’s how it is.”

Medvedev’s comments come amid escalating accusations from the Kremlin of Western interference in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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Medvedev unequivocally stated that Russia will not engage in peace talks with Ukraine, vowing to continue its “special military operation” within Ukrainian territory until they surrender.

He further reiterated Russia‘s claim over what he described as historically significant parts of Ukraine, insisting they should “return home” to Russia.

He said: “One of Ukraine‘s former leaders said at some point that Ukraine is not Russia. That concept needs to disappear forever. Ukraine is definitely Russia.”

The alarming rhetoric coincides with the Kremlin’s latest allegations of Western involvement in Ukraine. These claims stem from a leaked phone conversation between German military officials, which allegedly revealed the presence of British troops in Ukraine.

The intercepted dialogue, aired by state-backed broadcaster RT, suggested British involvement in deploying long-range missiles targeting Russian positions.


Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov condemned the leak: “It once again highlight[s] the direct involvement of the collective West in the conflict in Ukraine.”

The leaked conversation has sparked outrage among Western allies. While Britain denied direct involvement in operating the missiles, questions remain regarding the extent of its support for Ukrainian forces.

Former British Army chief Lord Dannatt criticized the indiscretion of the German officers involved in the unencrypted call, emphasizing the need for caution in discussing military matters.

Meanwhile, calls for increased support to Ukraine persist, with much of the West urging Germany to supply long-range missiles to bolster Ukraine‘s defense capabilities.

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