Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2024

Ukraine builds 600 mile of death with ‘dragon’s teeth’ to take out Russian forces | World | News

Traps, trenches, and command centres have also been dug underground to launch surprise attacks on Russian troops.

A Dnipro official said that “strengthening the region’s defensive capability is one of the priority areas.”

Ukraine has also set aside £27million for similar defence structures near Zaporizhzhia, the city where Ukraine‘s huge nuclear plant lies.

A downside to this plan, according to an expert, is that could leave Ukraine with a lack of flexibility on the battleground.

Edward Arnold, from the think tank RUSI, told The Telegraph: “The issue for the Ukrainians is they don’t want to just go static.

“If the lines go static and they don’t move at all, that’s not great from a political point of view.”

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