Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2024

American living in UK stunned by three things including ‘amount of British accents’ | UK | News

A woman living in the UK has said she “learned the hard way” about cultural differences after moving from the US to London. Andrea Celeste – who moved to the UK for university – shared the video on TikTok where she discussed “culture shocks” since moving across the pond from California.

Starting off with the “biggest culture shock”, Andrea said she couldn’t believe “how small everything was” in the UK. She continued: “Highways, houses, cars – everything just felt a lot smaller which isn’t surprising because I come from a place that has 10 lane freeways and giant cars.”

Next up she spoke about British accents, explaining how she was expecting everyone to have a “London accent”.

Andrea said: “I was more surprised by how many different English accents there are. In the US you grow up watching films based in England and 99 percent of the time they are London or a more neutral accent.

“I actually went to North Yorkshire on my first ever trip to England so I got a huge surprise when they didn’t all sound like Tom Hiddleston.”

Moving on to her final shock since moving to London, she said people “dress differently” to those in California. She added: “It really caught me off guard. You can really tell a difference, especially in the shoes because wearing thin fabric shoes like vans and converse isn’t as common due to the unpredictable rain which I learned the first day at university.”

And people in the comments all said the same thing, with one person writing: “It’s crazy that you adopted the UK accent lol.”

Another said: “Why does she sound Scottish”. A third wrote: “British accent is creeping in for you.”

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