Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2024

Area of Birmingham goes viral after hilarious addition to sign | UK | News

A Birmingham suburb has become something of a viral sensation after a comical alteration to its welcome sign. The district of Frankley, situated on the city’s southern outskirts, has captured national interest following a prankster’s modification to the sign.

The original Frankley sign, similar to any welcome sign seen on entry to a town or village in Britain, was cheekily appended with the phrase ‘my dear I don’t give a damn’, echoing the iconic line from the legendary movie Gone with the Wind.

The humorous tweak became an instant hit online after it was shared this past weekend, amassing thousands of likes and shares, with netizens finding the gag absolutely hilarious or in other words, distinctly Frankley.

The mastermind behind the witty edit remains unknown, sparking a flurry of speculation and detective work among social media users eager to uncover the identity of the mysterious joker. The sign’s new look was first spotted by local residents over the weekend, who couldn’t help but share their amusement.

Dr Helen Ingram took to social media to share an image of the doctored sign, commenting: “There’s a little village outside Birmingham called Frankley and this morning someone ‘enhanced’ the place name sign.”, reports Birmingham Live.

She further expressed her determination to unmask the creative culprit behind the stunt.

Her post has already garnered upwards of 10,000 likes, and the snapshot of the sign has been circulated by several high-profile social media accounts. One user responded to the viral phenomenon with a succinct yet fitting comment: “Brilliant! “.

One individual joked that Hollywood was “only 20 minutes away”, referencing the Worcestershire village located just south of Birmingham. Another social media user chimed in, remarking: “This is superb. Knighthood for whoever did that.”

Ian Wacogne expressed: “My brain has made this joke every time I’ve gone past this sign for years. And finally someone (not me) has made it real.”

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