Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2024

Brit tourists horrified by ‘worst airport’ after being forced to buy ‘souvenir c**p’ | Travel News | Travel

Travellers have dubbed an at a Brit tourist hotspot the “worst ever”, with some complaining about one unusual rule.

sees approximately 9.4 million visitors per year, 170,000 of whom are British, who add millions to the local economy while exploring the sun-soaked nation.

Those who visit do so to experience the many golden beaches and vibrant local culture and chow down on the country’s unique and delicious cuisine.

But, while most tourists come to adore the nation, it appears that one of its major airports is less than popular.

More than a dozen airports are scattered across Tunisia, but one in particular has attracted the ire of British tourists.

Enfidha Hammamet NBE airport is located just outside Enfidha, a small town of 10,000 in the country’s northeast.

Hundreds of thousands of people pass through the building – which is served by multiple commercial airlines like easyJet and TUI – each year.

The pre-pandemic maximum was 1,453,863, but in the years following Covid, as visitor numbers rise, some visitors have complained about the airport.

Britons have posted poor reviews on TripAdvisor about poor services, with some pointedly focussing on the same issues.

One Brit reviewer, Dan C from Milton Keynes, said the airport was the “worst ever” after he experienced a range of problems during a transfer.

He complained that the information board was “not correct”, their flight was delayed by 2.5 hours, and that wi-fi was “non-existent”, preventing him from checking in.

He added that the toilets “were a disgrace”, as the urinals appeared to have “what looked like a month’s worth of dust on top”.

Other passengers complained about their experiences with the currency exchange, finding they could only re-exchange the local dinar for pound Sterling if they kept their receipts from the initial transfer.

One said: “No other country I have travelled to requires a receipt when changing currency.”

Another said they were “stuck buying a whole bunch of souvenir c**p at the airport” as a result.

The reviews weren’t entirely negative, with one visitor saying they were treated to “five-star” service when they visited in 2023, and another added the airport was “nice and basic”.

A third tourist said staff at the location were “warm, friendly, professional and utterly charming at a very busy time”.

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